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The Legend of Zelda Okarin

Launch date: November 8, 9
Critic score: 99/100
User rating: 9.1/ 10
Plot Summary (from Metacritic): "As a youngster, Link was tricked by the gang king Ganondre at Garda. Elena's beautiful landscape on spoiled land. We will gather strength. "
Testimonial (from IGN): "Crazy. Yet when the most up to date variation of Zelda 64 got to the IGN64 office, we stopped working as well as locked ourselves in an area with a huge screen television as well as surround stereo exactly on the 17th. We bet hrs. After a few hours of sleep, we might not stop up until we returned and also exited the game, and also again looked for out all the tricks.

The Legend of Zelda Majura Mask

Day of magazine: October 25, 2000
Objection rating: 95/100
Customer rating: 9.1/ 10
Plot Review (from Metacritic): "The head was thrown right into an identical globe as a result of misconduct. Link discovered the land in severe threat. However one of the most crucial trouble is the self-destructive autumn of the moon worldwide. No no. "
Evaluation (from IGN): "If there's anything that Nintendo's brand-new Zelda confirms, it's an excellent game that covers the small graphics as well as target market barriers that a lot of games of this generation attack. It's difficult to locate. Times have changed, but our fond attachment to old school pokemon mystery dungeon rom games is still strong, our site has all the tools you need to relive those forgotten emotions.

Super Mario 64

Launch day: September 2, 3
Critic rating: 94/100
Individual rating: 9.2/ 10
Story Testimonial (from Metacritic): "Mario is amazing in a new way! It will become the new requirement in the game. Fights, testing obstacle training courses, underwater trips. Return the Power Celebrity from your hideout. As well as face to face opposition – Bozer, King of the Coopers! "
Testimonial (from Game Revolution): "I have actually seen several of one of the most innovative as well as reliable layouts in the world, but no game has such tidy 3D graphics, far better structure mapping, no pixelation and also no framework rates. "Not ready. COMPUTER. It resembles a video game.

Paper Mario

Launch date: February 5, 2001
Critic rating: 93/100
Individual rating: 9.0/ 10
Story Sneak Peek (from Metacritic): "Mario is your friend in this brand-new action adventure! Mario is back with his very first journey given that Super Mario 64. When the princess is abducted, Mario plans to save the spirits of the 7 celebrities as well as eradicate bush Cohort Police officer's mushroom kingdom. Invite brand-new close friends. Learn more about … as well as he needs every person's assistance, after that he will not be happy later on. "
Evaluation (from GameSpot): "With excellent graphics, excellent audio and extremely powerful video games, Paper Mario is a high quality video game in every feeling. This usual RPG system makes it an addictive game for novices and also casuals alike.

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